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Gamers everywhere have ben eagerly waiting to hear when the new Playstation VR was going to release. an October 2016 street date comes at no surprise as Sony ramps up into the holiday season. What was a surprise to gamers, was the extremely steep price for the machine coming in at $399 (£349)! That price does not include the Playstation camera that is also needed to work with the device (Which was pulled at console launch for some reason) and move controllers. Now the price reaches well over $500 for a couple accessories to the already aged Playstation 4 console. Now the price still comes in lower than the Oculus ($600) and HTC Vine ($800, w/controllers), but if you bundle your Playstation VR with the console for the holidays, as it stands the price will exceed that of $1000!


Inside The box of the Playstation VR include HDMI and USB cables, stereo headphones with earpieces, a power brick with cord, and the add-on processor box that handles the additional processor load demanded by the headset’s sensors. Sony has not confirmed any bundles aside from the basic $400 package, or any free launch titles, at this time. However, the gaming library that Playstation already has is enticing enough. Not to mention Sony’s promise of over 50 titles that are to release by the end of the year for Playstation VR.

The PlayStation VR headset has a 5.7-inch, 120Hz OLED display with a 100-degree field of view and 1080p resolution. The headset has sensors that detect where the user is looking with as little as 18 milliseconds of lag.

When comparing, the Playstation VR does seem to come in as the more affordable option, but at what price. How long will VR be relevant in the current gaming market? Tell us what you think!