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Paradox Interactive Just Made the [Epic] Split [Legendary]!

Paradox Interactive is excited to throw the doors open to PDXCON for the first time!

Traditionally a press-only affair, this year we are opening the convention for both fans AND press, for a 3-day celebration of all things Paradox.

What’s awesome about the video below, is that it’s like the Jean-Claude Van Damme Split trailer. Check it out.\

In order to celebrate the occasion we though to do something a little “different”…We present to you: The Legendary Split.

Already announced for the convention, which will take place in Stockholm over the 12th-14th of May, are a Cosplay competition, special guests from the modding community, a whole wealth of guest speakers, and there’s plenty more to come!

Fans can register their interest on the official Facebook Event or purchase tickets to attend here.

Again, in the words of our CEO Fredrik Wester, “tanks!”.