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You Need This NES/Famicom Book!

New NES/Famicom Book Showcases Stunning Gaming Visuals

Following the success of the Nintendo Classic Mini comes ‘NES/Famicom: a Visual Compendium‘, a stunning new book that looks at both the NES and Famicon – two of the best-selling consoles of their time.

Including content from people such as Kevin Bayliss (Ex-Rare graphic artist) and Steve Jarrett (Total! / Edge / Official Nintendo Magazine), this unofficial Nintendo tribute showcases the iconic artwork and design associated with both consoles. Focusing on the Famicom in Japan and the NES across North America and Europe, the book offers a visual snapshot of things like the best games, box art and product design associated with both consoles.

What’s inside:

• Over 500 pages of the very best pixel art, box art and product design associated with each system
• Over 100 game reviews printed alongside amazing double-page game maps
• Quotes from various game developers/artists, reviews from well-known journalists and fan memories
• Software features and developer/artist interviews
• Mini features focussing on unreleased games, packaging and fan art
• A brief overview of the creation of the NES and Famicom
• Stunning 3D lenticular cover
• Available in softcover and hardback
• Created by Bitmap Books

Andy Pearson, General Manager of Funstock.co.uk, said:

“This book showcases everything that gamers loved about the NES and Famicon. It’s got superb photography, exciting bespoke pixel art that features gaming favourites like Mario and Zelda, and it’s all underpinned by a range of really interesting features about each console. Fans of the NES/Famicon now have something really special they can enjoy for years to come!”

NES/Famicom: a Visual Compendium‘ is available from Europe’s Number One Retro Gaming Destination, FunstockRetro.co.uk now at just £24.99 ($30.57 at the time of writing this) here!