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Looks like Skottie Young has nailed it again. This issue was fucking awesome and entertaining. When we first get introduced to this issue we have a mouse(ish) character talking to us. Think 4th wall. Then suddenly the famous ‘Gertrude’ smashes the shit out of the mouse. The violence in this comic is awesome.


I mean if you think about it, how would you be if you were stuck in ‘Fairyland’ trying to get out for 27+ years? I’d probably be doing the same thing. In the last issue she was being tracked down by the woodsman with an axe. Whelp, what do you think happened? No spoiler, but she kills him, and what’s awesome is she is talking to the head in the first 3 pages! HA!

I really like where this comic is going and I’m excited to keep picking this issue up on the monthly.