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This has to be be one of my favorite comics running right now.  I feel like comic shops don’t give it a chance, so step it up people.  Start ordering this and suggest it to people!  Okay now that that is out of the way.  I enjoyed this issue.  The art was not done by the same artist, Chris Mooneyham, however I think that the artist did seem to keep it in the same feel…


We get to see a new dreamstone and the affects it has on the holder and how it posses them.  If you’ve been reading the series you know that some of the best parts about this book is when Fabian has been taken over or consults the Ghosts for help.  For that perspective I was not let down.

It was good to see that this could possibly be an ongoing thing with the series and more collaboration happening.  Let’s get Williamson (from Nailbiter)  on one of these!


While this was a neat idea, like I said the art wasn’t done by the same person so my interest was a little bit lost at points in this issue.  Because the art was a little off from what I was expecting or expected from this series the colors got distracting at some points.


You’re going to have to PULL this if you want to read it, and although I’d like to tell you it’s a must, you could probably go without picking this issue up.  It doesn’t really have an affect that I can see on the story at this point.  Although it would be interesting to see them integrate this.