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5 Must Watch Rick and Morty Episodes

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in Dimension C137? I do. Maybe we are in it? Maybe we will never know. But each week we can get a glimpse of what it must have been like, when we watch the adventures of Rick and Morty.

If you were wondering, yes, I am insinuating that Rick is not from the same dimension as Morty, and it’s all a front to use Morty… but this isn’t Rick theory class. That’ll be the next article. Until then, Enjoy these five must see episodes in the Rick and Morty series (so far).

PICKLE RICK — season 3, episode 3

When it comes to an episode that can single-handedly explain the entire series, nothing comes closer than “Pickle Rick.” This episode explains all of the weird, eclectic action that takes place in the Rick and Morty series: How dysfunctional the Smith family is. How insanely brilliant Rick can be. The B-level characters that you fall in love with almost immediately. “Pickle Rick” can also go down as the goriest episode in the series. The combat scene where Rick must kill rats in order to build a new body so he can travel to the surface world to reclaim his old body is nothing less than genius. And Jaguar, a Russian assassin turned errand boy and back to badass international spy, played by Danny Trejo, is an exceptional B-level character to introduce to the series.

THE RICKSHANK RICKDEMPTION — season 3, episode 1

Starting out with a bang, season three hit us in the mouth with this beauty. After an 18 month hiatus (or at least what seemed like a year and a half), Roiland and Harman come back with this little beauty centered on how Rick escapes from Galactic Federation prison. Rick not only single-handedly saves Earth from the Galactic Federation, but he also rids himself of the council of Ricks and their governing over all things it means to be “Rick.” This episode features Nathan Fillion, who captures the essence of what it’s like to be a Galactic Federation agent perfectly! A must to see episode!

TOTAL RICKALL — season 2, episode 4

Mr. Poopy. Butthole… That’s all that needs to be said about this episode. “Total Rickall” shows us how crazy the series can get with B-level characters, and how Roiland and Harman can giveth and taketh away whenever and however they please when it comes to beloved characters. There are way too many to name here (because they added about 80 in this episode), but the premise relies on a parasitic invasion in the Smith family home. Let’s just say it doesn’t all work out for everyone on this one, Ooo Weeee!

LAWNMOWER DOG — season 1, episode 2

Wasn’t Inception such a stupid movie? Well, Rick seems to think so! In this Inception-inspired episode, Rick and Morty decide to “incept” Morty’s math teacher in order to get him better grades. Little did they know that deep inside the dream world, a dream demon named Scary Terry would be down there waiting for them. Rick and Morty have to fight their way back through the inception while also maintaining Morty’s grades, so that they can go on other adventures. Oh, and a dog takes over the planet with a smart helmet, no big deal… This episode establishes early on the amazing and weird things that go through Roiland’s and Harman’s minds. Do yourself a favor and watch this episode, Bitch! (Note: All Nolan movies are awesome!)

GET SCHWIFTY — season 2, episode 5

“Take your pants off, shit on the floor… I’m Mr. Bulldog!” You’ll always remember where you were when you were first challenged by a giant golden head proclaiming, “SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!” In “Get Schwifty,” Rick and Morty have to win a singing talent competition for the fate of the world… That’s pretty much it. However, this episode brings forth one of the catchiest songs created on the show. With talent like Keith David joining the cast as the president of the United States, it makes “Get Schwifty” sound a whole lot more sexy… Or evil. It depends on how you’re feeling.